Cleanness in an office is necessary term for comfortable work of your collaborators, high working ability and high mood. Regular cleaning of the rooms gives you an opportunity to keep according status and reputation of your company for your clients and collaborators. That’s why our professional staff will help you by using special equipments, high qualified cleaning and washing means produced in Europe.
It may be both once cleaning of the rooms and constant contract that considers concession for our clients.
Evrostar command is guarantee of cleanness and comfort in your office!

Qualitative cleaning services are followings:

- thorough cleaning of dust and dirt of wall, door and bed;
- cleaning of dust of furniture, interior items, office technology, cleaning of   soft furniture and carpets;
- inside washing of windows, washing of litter-bins, throwing of all   sweepings, services of washing and working up with special chemical   substances, sanitary-technical equipments;
- wet cleaning of floors, cleaning and grinding of marble, facet, and linoleum,   laminate in necessary cases;
- cleaning of stairs;
- outside washing of windows and cleaning of joint areas.


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